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Pond Filters

Pond Filters

Pond Filtration.


At Shopfusion we take pond filtration as seriously as our customers. There are two main aspects to good pond filtration, namely the use of Ultra Violet Light and a Biological Filtration Unit. All of our range of Jebao pond filtration systems use a combination of these methods making them great value and very easy to install.


Biological Filtration can be considered as the ponds own sewage system. It works by encouraging the build-up of helpful bacteria that absorb harmful toxins created in the water through decaying matter and other physical waste.  They convert Ammonia that is toxic to fish into various nitrites that are useful for plant growth, this process also helps to oxygenate the water creating a healthy environment for fish to thrive.


It is important to recognise that it takes up to six weeks for the good bacteria to colonise a Biological filter. During this period we recommend you keep feeding down to a minimal level and monitor the water quality with a test kit. Also if you have a heavily stocked pond or are keeping expensive breeds it’s important to recognise the increased levels of waste created and purchase a filter capable of dealing with the extra demands.


All of our Jebao filtration products come with an Ultra Violet Clarifier as part of the unit. Ultra Violet Clarifiers are a key method in helping to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem as they eliminate green water.  As the water is pumped into the biological aspect of the filters it passes through the Ultra Violet section where the light encourages green algae causing bacteria to clump together. The Biological Filter then breaks down those bacteria, thus eradicating the problem of green water that can plague ponds.



We stock both Gravity Return Filters and Pressure Filters that all come with Ultra violet Clarification.

Gravity filters have water provided to them by a Pond Pump and need to be located above the pond. The water they receive is then filtered both by biologically and with UV light before being passed back into the pond under the force of gravity.

Our Pressure Filters are perfect for small to medium and large sized ponds and are directly fed from a pond pump. As the water leaves these units under pressure it provides you with more flexibility regarding the positioning of the unit, allowing you to keep them out of site is required.


So please enjoy viewing our range of Jebao pond filtration products, your sure to find one that fits your ponds requirements.