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Aquarium Pumps

Aquarium Pumps


Aquarium Pumps.


At Shopfusion we are stockists of a wide range of Hidom Water and Air Pumps. Each are selected for their excellent  reliability and functionality whilst also providing great value to our customers.


The importance of having a correctly selected water pump for your aquarium must not be understated. Water circulation is essential to help nourish your aquariums inhabitants while ensuring the water is filtered and pure. The movement provided helps to regulate water temperature by evenly distributing the heat from submersible heaters throughout a tank, an essential requirement for many species of marine fish.


Good circulation also helps with the oxygenation of the tank. Oxygen-poor water near the aquarium bottom is pulled up and comes in contact with oxygen-rich water at the surface. Through this active interaction the concentration of harmful gasses is reduced and oxygen levels increased, a process that also helps to keep Ph levels consistent. This cleansing process ensures that your fish are living in a healthy non-toxic environment.


Poor water circulation can cause aquariums to develop dead spots where organic debris can collect and settle. These areas provide excellent breeding grounds for unwanted algae or diseases which will have a negative impact on the health of an aquarium. So having a water pump is great for the health of any aquarium, besides who doesn’t enjoy seeing fish playing in the oxygen rich current provided by a pump, I sure do.


We also stock Hidom Air Pumps that help oxygenate the water while providing a vertical circulation current further     promoting the exchange of gases in an aquarium . Air pumps help to provide both a stimulating environment for its inhabitants and a spectacle for viewers of the tank to relax and enjoy.

So please look through our range of aquarium pumps online knowing you will receive a great value product which ever one you select.