Real Butterfly Necklace Charm - Purple Fritillary

Real Butterfly Necklace Charm - Purple Fritillary

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Common Name: Great Purple Fritillary or Japanese Emperor

Scientific Name: Sasakia charonda formsana

A beautiful unique gift. The product comes in a well presented gift box.

These pendants contain real butterfly specimens encased in a proprietary developed lucite material block. The lucite block is crystal clear allowing you to clearly view the specimen inside. It is also practically unbreakable. The butterfly you will get is real and one of a kind. No two are exactly the same.

The butterfly specimens come from special farms that have been created to preserve domestic and tropical forest species, and their different habitats. These butterflies, that die naturally, are collected daily and then set in the lucite blocks.

Insect Facts: 

Sasakia charonda, commonly known as the Japanese emperor or the great purple emperor, is a species of butterflies  in the family Nymphalidae. It is native to Japan, the Korean Peninsula, China, Northern Taiwan and Northern Vietnam.  Their wingspans average at 50 mm (2.0 in) for males, and 65 mm (2.6 in) for females. They are common in the upper canopies of forests, only coming down to feed or to find salt sources.

The Great Purple Fritillary is the national butterfly of Japan.

Main Colour Markings: Purple and grey/green with white spots.



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